Dead On Arrival by Roger Royse

Learn about: 

  • Avoiding pre-formation issues with promoters and employers
  • Choosing the right entity to minimize risk and tax liability
  • Structuring equity compensation to attract and retain talent
  • Obtaining financing while retaining a meaningful stake in the business
  • Protecting your intellectual property
  • Exiting and protecting your equity

Roger Royse, internationally recognized lecturer and tax and business law expert, invites you to download a complimentary copy of his latest book “Dead on Arrival: How to Avoid the Legal Mistakes That Could Kill Your Start-Up”.

“Great legal advice will never ensure success for a company, but poor legal advice may result in failure. This book will help free the entrepreneur from legal headaches that result from being unaware of potential legal issues and pave the way to creating a great company” – Roger Royse

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