Employment Law Issues for Gig Economy Companies

Join Royse Law Firm employment attorneys for an in-depth discussion about classification of workers, and compliance with employment law rules and regulations in the gig & sharing economy.

– Lisa Chapman
– Alan Haus
– Pamela Lambert

– Roger Royse

Entrepreneurship is Risky Business

When it comes to operating at peak performance, today’s small and growing companies face a variety of obstacles that can prevent them from meeting their business goals. In addition to federal and state employment-law compliance, there are other systemic pitfalls that can expose a company to risk. This webinar will discuss the foundational risks that can distract executives from focusing on and achieving their business’ goals; along with small business best practices for minimizing or eliminating those risks altogether.

Healthcare Reform

Tax Attorney Roger Royse accompanied by both Jen Kokko and Jennifer Young from Insperity will discuss the Healthcare Reform and the potential impact to businesses from a compliance, cost and complexity standpoint for companies with both over 50 and under 50 full time equivalents. Topics will include the individual Mandate, Employer Shared Responsibility(Play or Pay), Reporting and Cost, Taxes and Fees. Presentation will give insight into what companies need to start considering today in preparation for January.

Business Visas

Join Rajat P. Kuver of the Law Office of Rajat P. Kuver, P.C. and Roger Royse of Royse Law Firm for an informative webinar on business visa applications.

This program will cover business visa applications including developments affecting medium and small-sized companies. Our panelists will provide a comprehensive overview of various business visa options for executives, managers, professionals, investors and those involved with international trade.

Employment Issues During Summer

“Summer is Coming: Employment Issues That Your Company Should Be Aware Of During the Summer Months.” Topics to be covered: how to handle unpaid internships, requests for leaves of absence and/or flexible schedules, and other wage-and-hour issues.

The Paper Armageddon

In this age of information overload, companies must make smart decisions about which documents to retain, and when and how to retain them. Lisa Chapman, Esq. of the Royse Law Firm will provide an overview of legal and practical considerations that should inform your documentation policy, with an emphasis on ensuring that your Company is complainant with tax and other relevant laws as well as practical solutions for handling what is now being called the “information overload.”

Trade Secret Missteps and Surprises

A company’s trade secrets are its hidden gems which are often overlooked. Learn how to identify, manage and protect your company’s trade secrets in this expanding economy. Lisa Chapman and Satya Narayan of the Royse Law Firm will provide an overview of federal and state laws relating to trade secrets, with an emphasis on practical solutions to prevent the theft of company trade secrets by employees and competitors and avoid being liable for trade secret theft.