Current Tax Reform Proposals (2017)

An overview of current tax reform proposals and potential implications.

Tax Law Issues for New Economy Businesses

An ever-increasing portion of personal income is generated from non-traditional sources made available by the gig & sharing economy, regulators are scrambling to keep up. Join our panel to discuss the current tax environment, and what the future may look like.

Panelists: Mark mullin, Fiona Xu, Roger Royse

Employment Law Issues for Gig Economy Companies

Join Royse Law Firm employment attorneys for an in-depth discussion about classification of workers, and compliance with employment law rules and regulations in the gig & sharing economy.

– Lisa Chapman
– Alan Haus
– Pamela Lambert

– Roger Royse

Future of the Innovation Economy Webinar – Royse University

Our panel of entrepreneurs and investors discuss new technologies and developments in the gig, peer to peer, sharing and innovation economies. What’s new and what will the future hold?

Roger Royse, Royse Law Firm

Andrew Romans, Rubicon Venture Capital
Mario Tapia, Mobile Monday
Shelley Janes, SideDoor
Gianni Maxemin, Pied Parker

The Gig, Sharing and Peer to Peer Economy – Policy Considerations and Constraints

Lawmakers and regulators have struggled to keep up with the enormous popularity of the gig economy. Join our expert panel to discuss how new rules and regulations might support or stifle this growing market.

Roger Royse, Royse Law Firm

Michael Munger, Duke University
George Yang,
Justin Erlich, California Department of Justice