Tax Law Issues for New Economy Businesses

An ever-increasing portion of personal income is generated from non-traditional sources made available by the gig & sharing economy, regulators are scrambling to keep up. Join our panel to discuss the current tax environment, and what the future may look like.

Panelists: Mark mullin, Fiona Xu, Roger Royse

IC-DISCs as a Tax Arbitrage and Wealth Transfer Strategy

Moss Adams International Tax Partner Christine Ballard provides an in-depth look at the structures, benefits, and formalities for Domestic International Sales Corporations

Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate

Royse Law Firm tax and estate planning attorneys Arthur Rinsky, David Spence, and Mark Mullin discuss the tax implications of different ways to invest foreign capital in U.S. Real Estate.

Key Considerations India Tax Update

BDO Partner Pranay Bhatia gives a comprehensive overview of key considerations and tax implications of doing business in India.

How to Handle a Federal Tax Dispute: Audit, Appeal, and Litigation

California Incentives and Multi-State Sales Tax Issues for Digital Goods and Services Companies

An online discussion of various state tax issues for companies and individuals doing business in California. Our panelists cover recent developments in California income and sales tax, tax credits and incentives, multi-state tax issues for technology companies and state residency planning for individuals.

Are You Ready For FATCA

In 2010, Congress passed the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) to address underreporting of income held by US taxpayers in foreign accounts. FATCA will basically require foreign financial institutions to either agree to provide the IRS with information about its US account holders or be subject to withholding taxes on their US source income. Join us for a one hour panel presentation on FATCA, including the policy and processes behind its implementation, an overview of the new law and practical compliance tips. Join our panel of speakers Roger Royse, Mary Kopczynski and Richard Hinton.

Liquidity Options in a Strong Credit Market

Join us as Terry Mech, Brandt Brereton and Keith Butcher discuss two leveraged finance transaction alternatives that can provide substantial liquidity without selling control of your company. Business owners and their advisers will be updated on the state of the very active debt market and how they can access it. Terry’s discussion will discuss the popular leveraged dividend recap using senior and mezzanine lenders. Keith and Brandt’s discussion will focus on using senior and mezzanine lending to fund the purchase and sale of equity stakes through the ESOP structure to provide tax-free liquidity to the seller, while shielding part of the corporation’s earnings from income tax.

Divorce & Taxes Webinar

Tax Attorney Roger Royse and Jason Crowley, CFA, CFP, CDFA will discuss tax aspects of divorce and emerging issues, including the tax treatment of spousal support and the division of property such as residences, equity compensation and retirement plans. Roger’s discussion will also include such topics as the issues arising in connection with the division of business interests including passive activity losses, net operating loss, capital loss, and S corporation losses and the deductibility of attorneys’ fees. Jason’s discussion will focus on complex compensation issues including stock options, restricted stock, and deferred compensation.

Tax Aspects of Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Join Roger Royse for an informative discussion of tax aspects of commercial real estate transactions, including sales tax and income tax.

Bankruptcy Basics

Join Royse Law Firm’s guest speaker Patrick Costello of Vectis Law Group as he discusses bankruptcy issues for business owners.

Tax Issues in the Cloud

Join Roger Royse of Royse Law Firm and David Wittrock of Wittrock Associates for an informative discussion of tax issues for companies engaged in cloud computing, including sales tax, state income tax nexus, VAT, and using offshore structures for income tax rate reduction.

Divorce and Taxes

This webinar, presented by Roger Royse, includes information on transferring assets, inherent tax liabilities, net operating loss, capital loss, passive activity loss, division of stock options, retirement plans, QDRO and tax consideration.