Future of the Innovation Economy Webinar – Royse University

Our panel of entrepreneurs and investors discuss new technologies and developments in the gig, peer to peer, sharing and innovation economies. What’s new and what will the future hold?

Roger Royse, Royse Law Firm

Andrew Romans, Rubicon Venture Capital
Mario Tapia, Mobile Monday
Shelley Janes, SideDoor
Gianni Maxemin, Pied Parker

The Gig, Sharing and Peer to Peer Economy – Policy Considerations and Constraints

Lawmakers and regulators have struggled to keep up with the enormous popularity of the gig economy. Join our expert panel to discuss how new rules and regulations might support or stifle this growing market.

Roger Royse, Royse Law Firm

Michael Munger, Duke University
George Yang, EtaCar.com
Justin Erlich, California Department of Justice


Water Tech is a vital technology for creating a more sustainable future, and is a major investment area – particularly in agriculture.

Join Royse Law Firm founder Roger Royse for an in-depth discussion about the current state of Water Technology, what problems VC’s want founders to solve, and the importance of investing in these technologies now.

Panelists: Manu Pillai, WaterBit – Whitney Muse, Village Capital – Steve Jordan, Paqet Systems Corp. – David Rummler, Clean Tech Disruptive – Roger Royse, Royse Law Firm

Crowdfunding for Equity

Crowdfunding for Equity insiders Dara Albright, Patrick Robinson, Adam Hooper, and Gene Massey talk about the state of crowdfunding for equity, and how to take advantage of this incredible movement with Roger Royse (Founder of Royse Law Firm).


Healthtech experts Carla Brenner (HealthTech Women), Robin Farmanfarmaian (Arc Fusion Programs), Andy Bartley (Intel), and Don Ross (Life Science Angels) discuss current trends, and the future of Health Technology with Roger Royse (Royse Law Firm).

Artificial Intelligence

Roger Royse discusses Artificial Intelligence with panelists Babak Hodjat, Ephraim Lindenbaum, Hussein Mehanna, and William Mok

Artificial Intelligence will be the technology that defines the next generation. AI will impact the lives of billions as a tool to increase productivity, make better decisions – faster, analyze complex data, and even entertain us.

Fintech – trust and legal issue

Roger Royse discusses current applications of Fintech, and where it might take us in the future with expert panelists Bill Reichert, Michael DeMaria, Stefen Choy, and William Mok.

Fintech, or the use of technology in finance, investing, and other financial transactions has taken our financial institutions by storm. Micro-trading, robo-investors, pay-by-phone services, and many other services are just the tip of the fintech iceberg. Join our expert panel for a thoughtful discussion on big data, human oversight, and trust / legal issues in fintech.

Blockchain Technology – bits of the future

Roger Royse, founder of Royse Law Firm discusses Blockchain technology and its numerous applications with Steward Guenther, Rosario Ingargiola, Ryan Singer, and Erica Riel-Carden

AR and VR – The way we see things

Roger Royse discusses Augmented and Virtual Reality with Ori Inbar (Super Ventures), Jack McCauley (McCauley Labs), and Sheridan Tatsuno (Virtual Oresund).
Radio, television, and the internet fundamentally changed the way we receive information and communicate with each other. VR and AR are the next step in our journey toward total immersion.

PAABA Business Law Section NDA Missteps and Surprises

Satya Narayan, a leader in the field of intellectual property and commercial
transactions at the Royse Law Firm, will share her wealth of knowledge on the
subject of nondisclosure agreements, particularly:

-A brief introduction to nondisclosure agreements or “NDAs 101”
-NDA missteps and surprises
-Real life examples of the not so “boilerplate” NDAs

Legal Challenges for Big Data Vendors

This webinar addresses legal challenges for big data vendors. The challenges include issues regarding data privacy and security, compliance, and service level guarantees. The speaker will discuss the potential legal risks and liabilities big data vendors need to be aware of regarding these issues, and the operational, contractual and commercial best practices and steps vendors can take to manage such risks and liabilities.

AgTech – The Intersection of Technology, Venture Capital and Agriculture

As a $46 billion per year industry in California alone, agriculture has attracted the attention of the Silicon Valley. Technologies are regularly being developed to allow farmers to farm more efficiently, increase production, access new markets and capture useful data. Agri-tech or “AgTech” touches numerous technologies, including software, cleantech, big data and robotics, and the venture community has started to support this new sector with investment. Join us for a one hour discussion of this new field, including trends and opportunities in AgTech with a panel of experts from farming, technology and finance.

BitCoin and Digital Currencies

The use of bitcoins has emerged as a viable technology and business model that promises to disrupt conventional payment and currency systems throughout the world. As the industry works through the legal, technical and business issues associated with digital currency, the enormous potential market is now being discovered. Join us for an informative one hour session with industry experts on what bitcoins are, what the state of the industry is, and what the future may hold for virtual currencies.

Accelerators and Incubators

Incubators, accelerators and shared space loom large in the tech business creation process. These vehicles offer resources, mentorship and funding (or relationships with funders). The types of programs vary widely, and recent charges in the law promise the introduction of even more innovative launch models. What types of programs are available for startup entrepreneurs? How successful have they been? What can the founder expect to receive, and to give up? Join us for a lively panel discussion among the managers of prominent programs for startups.

Tax Issues in the Cloud

Join Roger Royse of Royse Law Firm and David Wittrock of Wittrock Associates for an informative discussion of tax issues for companies engaged in cloud computing, including sales tax, state income tax nexus, VAT, and using offshore structures for income tax rate reduction.

Protect Your IP:Hot Topics in IP Patents

Neal Marcus of Marcus Law and Satya Narayan of Royse Law Firm provide information on the latest in intellectual property and patent strategies.

Trade Secret Missteps and Surprises

A company’s trade secrets are its hidden gems which are often overlooked. Learn how to identify, manage and protect your company’s trade secrets in this expanding economy. Lisa Chapman and Satya Narayan of the Royse Law Firm will provide an overview of federal and state laws relating to trade secrets, with an emphasis on practical solutions to prevent the theft of company trade secrets by employees and competitors and avoid being liable for trade secret theft.

Civic Tech Webinar

Using technology to engage with government, or “civic tech” is a movement of people in dialogue with their governments and each other to solve complex social problems. As technology tools have become more advanced and social media more accepted, more civic technology companies have appeared and are flourishing. Join us on Election Day (of course) for an online webinar for a panel discussion of founders of some of the up and coming new companies that are focusing on this important new tech sector, including:

Areti Kampyli, Cliqstart
Rani Yadav-Ranjan, 4PIA, Inc.
Bart Myers, Countable
Andrew Moriarty, FWD.us